• Reviewed by: grmabev5  on: 2018/3/29 19:17:25
    I ordered online. A man called to say my card number was wrong. I gave him the right one and he scolded me for not checking. I waited one hour and fifteen minutes for delivery. It was cold. The order was short the lo mein. Too many places for me to order from here again.
  • Reviewed by: ame.eye1  on: 2018/3/2 14:07:55
    Hieee. I just picked up my order. Orange Chicken, veg fried rice. It is SOO incredible. When I get Chinese food, I always get it from you guys. Its always really fresh and tasty. Just wanted you to know that you're the best. The guy at the counter is fun and wacky. LOL. Thank you so much for great food! Amy
  • Reviewed by: tammy.swafford  on: 2017/12/3 15:48:48
    I ordered food yesterday and I did not get rice or crunch noodles etc., paid a lot for nothing????
  • Reviewed by: test  on: 2017/11/22 18:19:31
  • Reviewed by: bheine1  on: 2016-01-24T08:11:54
    Dear KellyI would like to sell my home to you, before I put carpet in and give it to a real estate person.I make you a very good final offer: You can buy it without carpet for $ 188,000. For your information, I give you the last 2 real estate transaction for this type of house in Highland Lakes: 4415 Muirfield Dr, for 234,000 on 01/15/2016 (not yet in the computer) and 4709 Montrose Dr, for 223,000 on 04/12/2016.Regards, Bernard.
  • Reviewed by: bheine1  on: 2016-01-21T07:50:30
    house 4406 turnberry court/highland lakesdear kellyif you are still interested in our house, please give me a call. i will make you a good offer. my phone nr. is: 941-761-3456.bernard hein
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